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Quantitative Methodology

A work in progress, this working group is focusing on researching a methodology to measure the advised emissions when onboarding clients. Please check back for updates.

In addition to looking at methodologies that we could potentially adapt, such as GFANZ, this group is talking to academics about commissioning a piece of research.

Methodology to include considerations such as:

  • Scenario modelling to help estimate emissions for particular sectors (assumptions)
  • Type and source of emissions relating to advice
  • Length of advice
  • Location of advice
  • Environmental impact assessment of advice
  • KPIs
  • Approach to data conversion
  • Tools to introduce methodology e.g. client engagement

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Almost all human activities which have material impacts on the climate either directly or indirectly involve the legal sector. Therefore, the sector has a vital part to play in leading transformational change to mitigate climate change. We are looking for new signatory firms to contribute to these important conversations. 

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